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Purpose Is About Opportunity

"It is about giving everyone the opportunity to make the best decisions for the future of our planet." - Robert Powell, MARC - Greenville, SC

Learn What Purpose at Michelin Is All About

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Purpose is a way to ensure that we decide for ourselves to celebrate and continue the great culture of care, respect, innovation, and performance Michelin has cultivated for over 125 years. When we choose to own Purpose for ourselves, we choose to make a mark on our company's culture. Purpose helps us see how we are contributing to making Michelin a great company and how Michelin is helping us achieve our goals.

"Purpose reflects everything that we are at Michelin. Everything. . . . Yes, Michelin is transforming itself but in the same time Michelin is upholding its Purpose and its core values. My message for everyone of you is don't be afraid of these transformations! They will lead us to a brilliant future." – Jean-Dominique Senard

Stories of Purpose at Work

Purpose is the intentional act to move someone forward.
Watch how Purpose has changed people's lives.

Purpose At Work Around Us

Read about the impact of Purpose on our company and our culture.

Our Impact
Early 1990s

Michelin perfected the world's first "green tire".

Know a Purpose-driven employee or want to share your own Purpose story?

We want to share and applaud the acts of Purpose so that it inspires others to do the same.

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Find Your Own Purpose

How can you make your mark and become a Purposeful employee?

Click to explore these 10 featured categories of how to live out Purpose.

Caring & Advocating for Others
Helping Others Grow & Advance
Commitment to the Community
Delivering Excellence & Quality
Sharing New Ideas
Being Steady & Loyal
Respecting and Listening to Others
Advocating for the Customer
Advocating for the Environment
Maximizing Shareholder Value
Caring & Advocating for Others

We care and advocate for others when we demonstrate we are always ready to lend a helping hand. Look for ways to help your coworkers during the day, from teaching a new skill to sharing a Coke.

Helping Others Grow & Advance

Providing opportunities to help others grow and advance exhibits a Purposeful employee. Even if you're not a manager, you can recognize a coworker's skills and abilities and encourage them to keep up the good work.

Commitment to the Community

By demonstrating Purpose we can make our homes and communities a better place. Consider joining your facility's community outreach program, or even begin a program you're passionate about.

Delivering Excellence & Quality

When we pay attention to every detail in our jobs we demonstrate Purpose. Put quality control checkpoints in place to ensure no small item gets overlooked.

Sharing New Ideas

As Purposeful employees we should be looking for and sharing new ideas that would improve the job and the workplace. This could be something like sharing a new business venture with your plant manager and watching your idea take shape. Every vision you share demonstrates your commitment to working with Purpose.

Being Steady & Loyal

By showing up every day and following through on our promises, we exhibit the characteristics of a Purposeful employee. Take the time to keep your word no matter how inconvenient.

Respecting and Listening to Others

We can show respect to others by listening to and encouraging them wherever they are in their Purpose journey.

Advocating for the Customer

Purpose is demonstrated when we respectfully challenge the status quo of a project or process in order to create a better final product for our customers.

Advocating for the Environment

Demonstrate Purpose by taking the initiative to care for the environment. Ask the hard questions, like how is our facility negatively impacting the environment and what can be done to positively change that fact.

Maximizing Shareholder Value

Advocating for the shareholders and their needs and concerns is a way to showcase Purpose.

What does Purpose look like in everyday life?
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Make Your Mark

Live out Purpose

Commit to Living With Purpose

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Spread Purpose

Let's make it our mission to spread Purpose.
Acknowledge those who live with Purpose and watch your work move people forward.

Celebrate people with Purpose

Send a thank you note to someone who's made a difference.

With the simple act of sendng a thank you card, you can say thanks to a peer or manager who has intentionally lived out Purpose toward you or someone else.

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Give a Mercí Award.

The Merci Award recognizes the employees that go above and beyond to achieve excellent results. Those employees help drive a better way forward for Michelin and have a positive influence on the workplace culture. This award is a simple and easy way for leaders and managers to say thank you. 

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What is Purpose?

Purpose is the intentional act to move someone forward.

Purpose could be simply a gesture that makes someone's day. It could be sharing the responsibility of caring for our environment, suggesting a new idea, or finding a way to make the best tires on the planet even better. No matter the size of the action, Purpose is about leading, caring, and innovating.

Living out Purpose takes personal effort and hard work. Because Purpose isn't about me—IT’S ABOUT WE.

Our Purpose Statement:

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Our Impact
10 million

trucks and buses roll on Michelin tires globally.

Your Impact at Michelin


individuals that we employ around the world


work days in 2015 that our employees dedicated to work with local communities


people a year make a living cultivating rubber trees


active patents that protect our innovations


times per year we circle the earth through our road and machine tests


gallons of fuel we've helped save over the past 20 years

Do you want to get more involved, become a Purpose Ambassador, or just have a question about Purpose?

Please send an email to purpose.team@michelin.com.