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Purpose is the intentional act to move another person forward. Acting with Purpose can be as small as sharing an encouraging word along with a Coke®, seeing potential in a budding employee and helping them take the next step in their career, going above and beyond to help your community, or simply thinking about the customer first and striving to make the best product possible. These are just a few examples of Purpose at work at Michelin, and they are by no means exhaustive. We are just getting started to tell how Purpose is making a difference in the lives of many at Michelin.

Tell us about your experience with stories that represent Purpose. Whether it's your own narrative or someone else's, we would like to share some of those stories on video to inspire others at Michelin to pick up the mantle of Purpose and live it out every day at work. Please take a moment and share a story (or two) using the form below. We will review all submitted stories and will reach out to you if the story you submitted is selected. We recognize that many employees just act on Purpose because they want to help someone. We don't want to embarrass anyone in any way, but we do want to applaud the acts of Purpose in appropriate ways that inspire others to do the same.

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